Need of CMMI Best Practice Implementation and CMMI Maintenance

CMMI is a structured collection of best practices crystallized over a period of time by the scientists at Software Engineering Institute (SEI), Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA.

DQS India has been a partner to SEI since last 06 years and has been researching the CMMI Implementation and compliance across various organizations of all sizes. As CMMI is a collection of best practices, the benefit of CMMI can be obtained by conducting the best practices while the software development is carried out.

For example, a strong formal review for design document will result in defect prevention. However, if a strong formal review methodology is “actually” not carried out, defects will get injected and then the advantage of CMMI Implementation is lost.

In today’s competitive world projects teams have pressure to deliver quality products on time and within budget. If the best practices are not really implemented, this is difficult to achieve.

DQS India has conducted research on the compliance level of organizations with reference to CMMI best practice compliance and found that there are many best practices that are not followed and hence the benefits are not achieved.

This generates the need of conducting regular assessments for CMMI best practices compliances. In light of this, DQS India is offering CMMI Implementation Maintenance Assessment Packages to its esteemed customers so that they can achieve real benefits of CMMI and in process delight their customers.

Research Indicators Highlighting CMMI Maintenance Need

DQS India carried out research analysis across the industry on non-compliance trend related to CMMI best practices covered under Project Management, Engineering and Support Process Areas. The below-mentioned Research Indicators highlight the need for CMMI Maintenance and Best Practice Implementation: 

Project Management Best Practices – Non Compliance Trend:

Project Management Process Areas: It was observed most of the Non-Compliances (NCs) were found in the Project Monitoring and Control (PMC) Process area.

Engineering Management Best Practices – Non Compliance Trend:

Engineering Process Areas: During the analysis it was observed that most of the Non-Compliances (NCs) found in the Requirements Management (REQM) Process area.

Support Best Practices – Non Compliance Trends:

Support Process Areas: It was observed that most of the Non-Compliances (NCs) were observed in the Measurement and Analysis (M & A) Process area.

The above-mentioned Research Indicators highlight the need for CMMI Maintenance and Best Practice Implementation. Typical Activities covered under CMMI Maintenance described below.

Scope of CMMI Maintenance: General Activities related to CMMI Maintenance

Organization Level Activities

  • Process Asset Library Build-up, Up-dation and Maintenance
  • Maturity Level Implementation Planning and Execution
  • Metrics Feasibility Study Report
  • Conduct Metrics Analysis
  • Prediction Model Assessment
  • OPM Plan Assessment and Implementation
  • CAR Plan Assessment and Implementation
  • Organizational Metrics Management Assessment
  • Alignment Analysis for Project and Business Objectives
  • Trainings

Project Level Activities

  • Project Assessments
  • Project Health Index
  • Project Metrics Analysis Assessment
  • Alignment Analysis for Project and Business
  • Trainings

Benefits of CMMI Maintenance

Following are the benefits observed by organizations after they opted for CMMI Maintenance Services:

  • Build-up of Process Culture in People of Organization
  • Excellent rigor in the Process Improvement Framework
  • Real-time benefits related to schedule management, efficiency management, effort management and cost-reduction.
  • Institutionalization of Best Practices.
  • Work is guided by a Project Plan leading to successful Formal Appraisal
  • Continuous feedback and support to Internal Quality Team
  • Non-Compliance resolution are received by the project teams
  • Better control over Project Metrics and their different parameters

CMMI Maintenance Packages – Costing

# Package Details Amount Frequency
Assessment Services Assessment Services are offered to organizations who want to have regular project assessment. A Project Assessment Report is provided regularly for the assessment conducted for the project artefacts.Assessment Reports also provide comprehensive guidance for the gap closure activities for the gaps identified during assessment.Covers both Org Level and Project Level Activities USD 500 Monthly
Assessment Services and Metrics Support This package provides Metrics services in addition to the assessment service as specified in the Pack 1. Metrics Assessment services provides regular updates for different metrics like Schedule, Effort, Defects etc. Reports are provided in the form of different charts – bar, pie and line chart. Metrics reports also provide insight on the solution to the issues reported in the report.Covers both Org Level and Project Level Activities USD 750 Monthly
Offsite QA Offsite QA services provide the facility of a QA who is not present at the site for different quality assurance activities to be performed. These services include regular projects assessment, feedback, guidance, metrics analysis, training to the project teams.Offsite QA is backed by the team of experts available with DQS India. USD 900 Monthly
Onsite Consultants DQS India also provides Onsite QA Consultants to the organizations to support the Quality Assurance services. Onsite QA who is present at the site to perform different quality assurance activities. These services include regular projects assessment, feedback, guidance, metrics analysis, training to the project teams. USD 1000 Monthly

Advantages of working with DQS India

  • DQS India ensures the effectiveness and efficiency of output that should emerge out of implementing processes.
  • DQS India ensures that Appraisal Objectives are clear to Appraisal Sponsor and have been base-lined before the assessment
  • DQS India helps in mapping of the Appraisal Objectives with Organizational Objectives
  • DQS India helps in determining Appraisal Sample,  short-listing Focus Projects and identifying Interview Participants for assessment
  • DQS India helps in Appraisal Plan preparation including the Resource Planning, Schedule, Output Requirements, Risk management, Logistics, etc.


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